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Hi all. I'm Mariann

Thank you for visiting my website. Now let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I grew up in sunny South Africa, now living in the United Kingdom.

I am the eldest of 3 surviving siblings, mom of 2 young adults and aunt to my nieces and nephews.

I love writing and helping people realise their true potential and worth, especialy women. Knowing who we are is so important in a world where other voices shout loud trying to influence and tell us who we are. We are unique, we are loved and we are chosen by God. Our identity is in Christ alone. There is no greater freedom than knowing your purpose,  your self-worth and  your identity.

My first book "Broken And Made Whole" is a glimpse into  my life, recounting my experiences with abuse and rejection, shedding light  on how my Christian journey through faith healed me and my triumph to wholeness.

Mariann McKay

Mariann McKay

A registered nurse, Mariann is an avid traveler. Always knocking on the doors of adventure, an explorer at heart and always taking on new challenges. Starting her nursing career in South Africa before her adventurous nature spurred her to move to the UK with her then 4 year old daughter. She worked in the NHS for 18 years and eventually took on locum nurse contracts freeing her time to write her first book and exploring entrepreneurship. She has two grown up children and has a passion for helping others. Her heart is in uplifting and encouraging others, helping them to realise their worth and purpose. Her mantra is “Be purposefully on purpose” and “Created on purpose for a purpose”, which is also the name of her personal blog page.

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